TVD C0n 2022


I’m excited to finally be sharing the photos from our first real vacation of the year with y’all today! The Vampire Diaries (& The Originals + Legacies) Convention 2022…

Getting there

About an 8-hour drive ^ checked into our 21st floor hotel room, then pre-registration at the convention hall & dinner + drinks at the coolest rooftop bar I’ve ever seen! Plus, we had to check in on Rowan @ home on the camera. We left her heaping PILES of food & plenty of extra water for the long weekend (:

Day 1

Rowan’s “movement” let us know she was awake Friday morning & wow, look @ that fat body ^ we had a super yummy (quick) breakfast in the hotel before heading to the convention for the first panels! Nathaniel Buzolic (Kol), Steven Krueger (Josh), who we had photo-ops with that day! Then some music by Chase Coleman (Oliver) & the last panel was a trio: Quincy, Chris, and Ben from the Legacies cast. At the end of the day we got Chase & Micah Parker’s (Adrian) autographs since we had gold passes for the weekend. Still exhausted from the trip, we just ate leftovers from yesterday’s dinner lol we did see our little man for the 1st time ❤

Day 2

Another tasty breakfast after dolling up for Saturday’s events ^ we got to see Michael Trevino (Tyler), Matt Davis (Alauric), Michael Malarkey (Enzo), and Daniel Gillies (Elijah) answer questions at their panels & got photos with three of them! We also got everyone’s autographs that day. Then there was a concert later that evening where we got to see Michael Malarkey perform!!! He requested no photos or videos, so that’s why I don’t have any to share, but it was amazing & if you get the chance to see him- I highly recommend it. Chase’s band Mercy Mode played some covers & their own songs after that. It was a fun time & we got in pretty late

Day 3

Sunday, we didn’t quite have time to wait for breakfast ^ but my outfit & makeup SLAYED (of course, they announced the previous day that Paul Wesley was sick & wouldn’t be able to attend…so we had no photo-ops that day). I still wanted to get a bunch of photos for myself at least! We did get to see panels for Ian Somerhalder (Damon), Chase & Micah, Charles Michael Davis (Marcel) showed up to fill Paul’s spot last minute, then Ian & Candice King (Caroline). We got everyone’s autograph at the end of the day which took forever because this was the day with the most amount of people present. I got all my autographs in a book for my best friend (& former maid of honor) Kaila since she’s a mom & planning her own wedding, she couldn’t attend something like this but I know she’s a huge TVD fan! I also got some other little souvenirs for my sister & my dad’s girlfriend who also like the show/cast. I told Justin when we first arrived that I wanted to have a photo next to the big “S” at the front of the convention hotel entrance (: this night we went out for Mexican in the city & OMG it was so delicious! Recommend!

Going home

Last breakfast before checking out ^ we also grabbed some of Ian & Paul’s bourbon on our way out of the city! Justin wanted to make a stop at the Lane Motor Museum before heading home, but we still made it back before midnight. What an awesome trip! I can’t wait until our next convention (:

This was the first one we’d ever attended! Have you ever been to a convention? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to chat about it with you guys. Thanks so much for reading & supporting my blog today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo


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