R0wan, where she g0in’?


We found this lil stinker on the bench in our kitchen today: all on her own! So I figured today would be as good of a day as any to share some more photos of her with y’all (:


We were so excited to see she had gotten up there all by herself ^ she looked so comfy too! She had a clear line of sight to me on the couch (thinking maybe that’s why she did it)

Bed baby

Took her a few days to get back in the groove of laying with us when we got back from vacation ^ but she’s jumping right up there now each night again! Such a good girl tbh (:

Clothing cat?

We finally picked out some tops from Five Below yesterday for Rowan to try ^ large was too big, so we returned the XL lol the medium fit fine…the ones they sell just have too big of a hole for the head, so her paws kept slipping out/getting stuck. She didn’t seem to be frozen or stiff in them though, so that’s the real win! We’ll see what happens…

Just funny

Had to share this find from Barnes & Noble ^

Hope this was enjoyable for the start of your week! Have a wonderful rest of it too xo


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