I’m a 23-year old Italian, certified pharmacy technician living in the US currently with my boyfriend of 4 years (AKA the love of my life who you’ll see quite often in my posts) and we moved into our first home together as of July 2019

A little backstory:

  • I’ve lived in the same state my whole life. I have two older sisters and my parents are divorced
  • I had two grey Hemingway cats, brothers Oscar & Felix (the latter passed after 15 years of furry fun)
  • I’m growing my hair out to my waist or longer. I believe it’s about 28″ at this time, and I’ve only ever experimented with a little color on the ends
  • I do my own hair, eyebrows, nails, and makeup
  • I love to try new things, but am still an extremely picky eater. I’m also gluten-free as of March 2017 due to a sensitivity
  • I love to draw and I’m trying to teach myself digital art. I also used to be good at writing, but I haven’t done anything for a long time
  • I love organizing ANYTHING, but I still have way too much stuff to keep it all straight (aftermath of years of hand-me-downs)
  • I love art in any form and have spent the past 4 years really coming into my own and finding myself through fashion, self-care and photography

I really just wanted to start this so I could ramble on about stuff that I think strangers would enjoy more than maybe my friends on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve found that if they KNOW you already, they’ll usually just double tap to be nice and scroll on. Hoping to meet and make some new friends here who are interested in my photos and/or what I have to say enough to stop and chat about what I’m posting. Also, I like the setup of this type of blog much better than Tumblr types where everything is a repost of someone else’s original work. Of course I draw inspiration from all over, but to be able to mold that in my own way and bring it to light for others to enjoy is what I believe sets these kinds of blogs apart as REAL *

I have over 80k photos on my phone at the moment if that indicates anything about how this is gonna go!

Always feel free to leave a comment on my posts or contact me via Twitter/email if you have any other questions.

Thank you for stopping by (: