February fav0rites

Hellu, We've reached the tail end of 2019's second month! I can't believe it, where did the time go? I've felt like the stress of working and trying to start the homebuying process has really shrunk the days and they've turned to weeks...but besides the light speed this month has flown by at, I've got… Continue reading February fav0rites


Ipsy f0r February

Hellu, I got my Ipsy bag for this month about a week or so ago. I tried on the products and wanted to give a few little reviews for you all! The bag itself The design for February is very cute and in theme with Valentine's Day! It has a sturdy feel to the outside… Continue reading Ipsy f0r February


Hellu, Happy Friday (: here's a chill post for this lazy morning I'm having: frog photos! My babies are growing up They're over a year old now (for sure) and Fear is really catching up to Misery's size! Home sweet home They're still really enjoying the setup in their tank with the repti-carpet, bamboo, and… Continue reading Fug-a-lug