C0y0te H0le Ciderw0rks

Hellu, If you love autumn, cider, and/or pizza you'll love this post! My mom invited us out to a cidery not far from her house to celebrate my 22nd birthday (that was the 3rd of this month)... We arrived to their fall festival midday and went right inside because the music act was taking a… Continue reading C0y0te H0le Ciderw0rks


Ugly l0cations challenge

Hellu, I was challenged by aricouture to complete the "Ugly Location Challenge" so thanks again for including me! Here are the rules: 1.) Find at least 3 locations that are just "okay" or ugly even, then let your followers know where you are. 2.) Take at least 3 photos of you in these locations with… Continue reading Ugly l0cations challenge