Marzia’s nighttime c0zy b0x


This post is going to be all about Marzia’s subscription box, the autumn edition! The day before my birthday (10/03) I received this “Nighttime Cozy” box full of goodies… 

Very cute packaging on this one, and I opened this box to masks of all kinds! More YesTo products always make me happy- this was an overnight mask of the grapefruit line which is my favorite. Also, a hair mask that I’m dying to try and some little eye masks that look really neat too. The coolest of these masks had to be the samples from Blue Lagoon. Marzia & Felix went to Iceland on vacation and visited the beautiful spa, and she managed to snag a deal with them! 

Some more treats in this box included another product from the Kenra brand. This one was a volume finishing spray which smells just as lovely as the heat spray in her spring box! Staying in theme, there was also a whitening toothpaste and a calming body lotion. Another perfect item by Derma-E was an overnight peel that I’m anxious to try… 

Lastly, she had a ton of HER stuff in this season’s box! A washcloth with one of her forest creatures (applying makeup), a big candle with another creature, a print she drew specifically for this subscription, and a pin & sticker set she had commissioned by a separate company. The sticker had baby Maya on it, and the pin had baby Edgar- they both had little sleeping masks on! So cute I had to put it on my backpack right away ^ 

One more goodie that wasn’t in Marzia’s box, but that I did get on my birthday- my free gift from Sephora! Caudalie brand serum and moisturizer that I’ve been using every other night and really liking (: 

I think I’m going to enjoy everything in this season’s box as I have with a few of the items I’ve already tried! Keep an eye out for some of them mentioned in a future favorites post because I’m sure I’ll be including a couple (:

34 thoughts on “Marzia’s nighttime c0zy b0x

  1. I always enjoy reading unboxing posts! This box is full of cute and lovely stuff, I just bought yesto face masks and I am so excited to try them! I have heard so much good about that brand xx

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    1. Totally! You should treat yourself to one (: if you don’t think it’s worth it every few months, you can always call and cancel the subscription. I highly recommend her boxes though (: always fabulous items xoxo


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