Ride til I can’t n0 m0re

Hellu, Catchy title, huh? Yee. We went to Busch Gardens at the beginning of this month and I took way more pictures than last time we visited, so let's DIVE IN Day 1, riding all the rides I wore my new Target outfit of a yellow tank top and matching floral denim shorts + my… Continue reading Ride til I can’t n0 m0re


W0rk it, girl

Hellu, This collection is something I've been putting together for a few months now and I'm excited to finally be sharing it with you all! I have a dress code for my job, but it's nothing crazy or strict. So sometimes it's fun to build different outfits to wear to work. Here's a few I… Continue reading W0rk it, girl

April’s n0tes

Hellu, I’ve crawled out of my depression from losing my main blogging prep note to bring you my notes from April! I sat down the other night, started writing as much as I could remember, and managed to come up with a pretty good (maybe even better) draft for this post. So read on to […]