Happy 14th, b0ys

Hellu, September 12th is the day I chose (way back in the 3rd grade) as my kitties' day of birth. My mom was working in the cafeteria at my elementary school and had a friend/co-worker ask what I wanted for my birthday. I always loved cats and we only had the one, Jasmine, at our… Continue reading Happy 14th, b0ys


Remembering Nanny

Hellu, My family & I (minus Samantha because of her new job) made the trip up to New York recently, but not for the normal visit you might expect. My great-grandmother had passed away from old age, the ripe old age of 107. She was the oldest member of her town of Patchogue on Long… Continue reading Remembering Nanny


Hellu, Happy Friday! Hope everyone in the hurricane zone stays safe as it hits land this weekend. Today's post is just a bunch of stuff I've got recently. A haul-over-time if you will... Justin got us a full set of adorable Pok√©mon summer items ^ a quality bottle, cups, and Tupperware too! Everything has this… Continue reading Newbs