Target try-0n

Hellu, Don't you hate when you're clothing shopping, go to try on what you've picked out, and then get so sweaty in the fitting room cause their lights are crazy hot? Well, I do. Since I have the Target Redcard, it's super simple to make returns having all previous receipts on the card itself. So… Continue reading Target try-0n


Feelin’ fall

Hellu, It FINALLY feels like fall! The temps are steady this week in the upper 60s/lower 70s! I wanted to celebrate that by sharing some super autumn-inspired photos we took when we picked out pumpkins a week or two ago... Shades of orange We found some gorgeous gourds at the nursery that's a minute down… Continue reading Feelin’ fall

September’s n0tes

Hellu, Are you ready for another installment of Shannon-set-goals-that-were-way-too-ambitious-so-she-disappointed-herself-by-not-fully-achieving-them? Well, even if you're not ready, welcome to my notes post for the previous month: September Get back into yoga/workout/PT This one was attempted, but I failed to realize how horribly damaged my shoulders were from overexerting myself during the move & working so much lately.… Continue reading September’s n0tes

Real red

Hellu, Happy Friday, happy weekend, and happy next installment of my monochromatic photo post series! This time we're moving on to red and I'm loving how this collection turned out. If you've seen any of this series before, you know the drill: all pics, no chit chat. Enjoy the aesthetic of all one color... Voila!… Continue reading Real red