Acqua 0n the m0untain

Hellu, A post full of Marzia's products? No way! It's true- today I'll be sharing her fall subscription box, a bracelet from her new jewelry range, plus another pottery piece and the official review of her Maì hoodless sweatshirts... The "Mountain" box was the third quarterly sub box sent out to subscribed Marzipans in early… Continue reading Acqua 0n the m0untain


This chick’s kicks

Hellu, Now that I've got all (as many as I could find) of the pictures for this post together- it's time to show you my shoe collection! Starting off with some easy slip-ons ^ my old coral Ked's knock-offs from Target. Had the pair in navy blue for a long time before I got these… Continue reading This chick’s kicks

Autumn tag

Hellu, Today I'll be sharing another chain post I was recently tagged in. This one is simply some fall-related questions, but I picked out a few photos that I thought suited the theme... The original post came from LaurenAnnBeauty and I was tagged by SpeedyGoneCharlie First question: What's your favorite thing about autumn? There's a… Continue reading Autumn tag