Hellu, Welcome to "a bunch of pictures I wanted to post that didn't really have a theme or weren't enough to make a full post out of" compilation of photos! Enjoy... Justin and I eating at Mezeh (one of my favorite food places) Mediterranean grill ^ I wore the sage green version of my fave… Continue reading Rand0m0nium


Big Field Day 2018

Hellu, I'm sad to say Justin & I did not end up attending the last Warped Tour yesterday as I woke up feeling under the weather. We did something else fun, but more relaxed, that I'll be sharing in the coming weeks as I get all my photos together and posts scheduled. We DID go… Continue reading Big Field Day 2018

Fr0g b0ds

Hellu, It's Friday! To celebrate, here's a bunch more frog photos- They're growing more everyday and still making us the happiest frog-parents around! So glad we're able to keep them healthy and active too (: Misery has liked turning brown some days which is fine by us! Something special to look forward to is what… Continue reading Fr0g b0ds