June fav0rites


Lots of faves this month, so let’s get right into them:

Gotta start with the food ^ Justin’s parents get meals from Blue Apron and were kind enough to gift us a few! The ones we’ve had so far have been delicious although (in my opinion) they give you way too much sauce and spice with each dish haha Justin has been resident Master Chef lately. He looks so handsome in his apron, cooking up some tasty eats (:

Another food favorite this month was Qdoba ^ it was our first time eating there and we really enjoyed it- we went back again about a week later. I got a chicken quesadilla that tasted almost as good as homemade!

Next up: my new Rx glasses and sunglasses ^ I have horrible vision, 20/100 in my right eye and 20/200 in my left. It had been over 3 years since my last eye exam so you bet your butt my old glasses prescription wasn’t exactly clear for me anymore. I finally got into a Target optical to get my test done and shortly after, got my new frames! I love them and now wear them all the time- not just for driving. We ended up getting both pairs for a steal due to a promotion they had going, an email coupon, and just showing them I had a Redcard. It’s a whole new world, and my favorite part is that I can see Justin CLEARLY from across the apartment (:

A not-so-great-for-my-wallet fave in June was online shopping ^ you may have seen a few things scattered in recent posts of stuff I’ve ordered and there will be more to come! I’ve calmed down a bit since making a bigger purchase IRL (see the end of this post) that’ll keep me in check each month…

One of those online purchases was a pre-order ^ Shawn Mendes’ new album is a faaaaave for sure. My favorite song on it is Fallin’ All In You. I also got a long sleeve shirt that I have yet to get a good picture of because it’s been so unbearably hot here, but keep an eye out for that (maybe on Instagram soon idk)…

I finally got a fancy-ish baby backpack ^ I only had the yellow denim one before with all my pins on it, which is super cute & casual. So this black, nylon Kate Spade (RIP 💔) piece is exactly what I was looking for and makes a great addition to my bag family. I especially love that the accents are gold!

Toners toners and more toners ^ you could say I’ve found a new favorite skincare item this month! I first got the Martian by Sunday Riley in one of Marzia’s subscription boxes- I loved the feel of it, but disliked the smell so I knew I had to find another toner that had a more pleasant scent. I found the Mario Badescu one in Sak’s for a steal and decided to try it. I adore it and it’s become part of my nighttime routine. I also picked up the cutest mini matcha toner by Milk at Sephora. I can’t smell this one at all and that’s fine by me! Although green tea is a nice smell for beauty products (:

The fave look is back again ^ I know I’m a cat-eye girl all the way, but y’all see that in like EVERY selfie. This “just mascara and a bold lip” look is perfect for summer though. No melting makeup! Plus, who doesn’t love Marzia & Winky Lux’s collab on this Stella Marina lipstick?? It’s my FAVE (:

I’ll have more pics up in an updated frog post next month, but I wanted to show you all that Misery decided to turn brown ^ she’s still totally healthy and active, but we think maybe she’s going through frog-puberty cause she’s never been so fully brown in color before! Lots of factors can affect their skin color changes including diet, environment, and even mood so she’s just full of mystery now haha

Here’s the big one ^ I got a new car! Yes, I finally bit the bullet and purchased a 2015 Subaru Forester for myself. My old car (piece of garbage) lost all air output, and I wasn’t going to keep putting money into a dying vehicle. Justin was a gentlemen and drove me to work for a few days before we had the time to go car shopping. But then the day came, and I put my money into something I plan on having for a long time! I broke the gold car trend by getting this pretty, pearly olive color. It hurt my heart to spend the money, but it was too good of a deal to pass up and also the first one we test drove. This is the car I’ve wanted for such a long time, and driving something that isn’t over 10 years old is such a luxury. I love love love it (:

What kind of car do you drive? What’s your dream car? Let me know in the comments- I hope you all have a lovely July!

45 thoughts on “June fav0rites

  1. The food looks amazing. And the frogs look so cute! Even my instagram feed is full of them. 😀
    Unfortunatelly, I am too young to drive a car just yet. And I think overall driving a car seems like a nightmare to me 😀 I would be too scared.

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    1. Thanks very much! I have driving anxiety for sure, it’s something I don’t think I’ll ever get over- but at least I feel a lot safer being in a car I know I can trust (: once you get the hang of it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it haha just try to get a reliable vehicle if you can

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  2. I know how you feel about biting the bullet and paying for a new car. I got so sick of putting my money into a dying car. But girl, you must know by this point the sheer joy of driving a car without fear that it’ll break down with you. It’s like breathing new air! Congrats, girl. And I love that you went for a different color. We’re all driving around in the same 4 colors.

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  3. Love the backpack and congrats on the new car!!!! My car is about to reach the 10 year mark in a couple of years (he’s a 2010 Toyota Corolla) and I’m so worried he’s going to start causing issues because I love him so much. But 10 years is I think the general limit hahaha. After that point cars do need more upkeep!

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, my sister had an older Corolla and due to the age of the car it didn’t last too long- my dad had his Subaru for over 20 years though 👏🏼 it didn’t have AC in its last leg, but he kept it kicking haha

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  4. Girrrl, that bag tho ❤ and those glasses are gorge!
    ALSO OMYGOD I LOVE BLUE APRON. We don't have it here, but I've seen so many youtuber promoting it and honestly it seems like a solid purchase. Congratulations on the new carrrrr!! ❤

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    1. Thank you thank you! Yeah, I see how Blue Apron is so popular cause a lot of people don’t want to buy a whole tub of some spice when they only need a pinch, and the company measures out everything you need to create the meals, but after having the free ones from his parents- I don’t think Justin and I will subscribe to them. We love shopping for our own groceries and making whatever yummy dishes we can from what we have! Although it was quite a treat to have new dishes to prepare haha thanks again for your sweet comment (:


  5. This was a lovely post, Shannon! ❤ You look GORGEOUS in those glasses, and ahhh you have such a nice car!! 🙂 As soon as I get a job, I want to save for a car, haha – I'm hoping to get a green VW beetle! I would love to try Blue Apron at some point, all of their meals look delicious lol

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    1. Aww Maggie, thank you so much! You always have such kind words (: I hope you get your bug haha I was sad to hear they won’t be making them anymore, but I’m sure you’ll be able to snag a nice one. Appreciate your comment xoxo


  6. Aww, I love this post! ❤ Really fun read! The food looks delicious! I hear a lot about Blue Apron but have yet to try it. Also, Shawn Mendes' new album is AMAZIIIING. I've always liked him as a singer, but this album was one of my faves in general this year. I really like "When You're Ready" and "Lost in Japan."

    Your blog is really cute, btw! ❤

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  7. My dream vehicle is a classic Jeep. I loved driving them in the military, but never had the chance to actually own one. If I had all the money in the world, and didn’t mind the looks, I’d make an Explorer liked the ones in the first Jurassic Park Film, and cruise around in that. Would have been hilarious in my previous job, with the position I had. I was on the board for food safety for a company, and had to tour the different facilities we sourced from. I can just see myself getting out of that, in my fancy suit, haha the looks I’d get. It would be a blast.

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      1. I am sure I will get one eventually, it is just not practical with my current lifestyle. I also live in canada, and I wouldn’t want to drive one around in the winter, even if I had a hard cover. It would definitely be a second vehicle, used in the nicer weather months.

        Your posts are always so much fun, I enjoy commenting some of the time.

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