Y0ung The Giant


Welcome to part 2 of our Norfolk trip we took earlier this month. This post will be a lot shorter than part 1 as most of the captured footage from the concert was video, but I’ll still share with you all the photos I got and let you know what the experience was like!

Dinner & drinks

We went from the zoo, down the road to our favorite sushi place: Sushi King. They had drinks on special, so I got the Black Cherry Blast which was so delicious I could’ve got another if I hadn’t ate so much! Justin got the Momotaro, but wasn’t feeling so great (even though he looks like the image of perfection). The concert venue was a quick walk down the block so we didn’t have to worry about driving after drinks. But we still had some time to kill before the doors opened, so we walked around the mall across the street for a little while…

The NorVa herself

This is pretty much our favorite place to see bands. We’ve been 3 times now and it’s really an awesome spot. They don’t allow smoking, there’s two floors (a bar on each), and plenty of bathrooms. All the shows we’ve been to have been open to all ages, and they’re really good about checking IDs and making sure everyone has the correct wristband on. The security is phenomenal as well with metal detector check as you enter and an abundance of guards inside the building. We got in line about 15 minutes after they opened the doors and it took maybe 5 minutes to get in. Having our tickets on the AXS app was helpful in speeding up the process too!

Young The Giant

Justin and I enjoyed some more drinks at the upstairs bar while the opening band played some really chill indie music. Then we headed downstairs to stand on the floor before the main act entered the stage. This was the first time we’d been at a sold out show and man, it was packed! I wanted to stay towards the back so we’d have some chance of getting them in view. It wasn’t too bad actually- I got some pretty great shots and decent video footage. They were spectacular live, like better than the album LIVE! It was definitely the best (or at least my favorite) show we’ve been to at the NorVa so far. Even if I didn’t know the words to a couple of songs, I got their most recent album to listen to in my car…

Wristband to remember

Once we were home (around midnight), we cut off our wristbands to add to our memory box full of old tickets, receipts, and whatnot from previous shows and adventures. It was a fantastic experience and I’m excited to see whoever we see next!

That wraps up our Norfolk trip. Hope you enjoyed the zoo and concert posts, thanks so much for reading! See ya Friday (:

13 thoughts on “Y0ung The Giant

  1. I’m glad you guys had a great experience! Sorry to hear Justin wasn’t feeling too well, though. I love it when a singer sounds awesome live, especially if it’s even better than their studio voice!! That’s always a nice surprise ๐Ÿ˜€ Lovely post! โค

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