W0rk it, girl


This collection is something I’ve been putting together for a few months now and I’m excited to finally be sharing it with you all! I have a dress code for my job, but it’s nothing crazy or strict. So sometimes it’s fun to build different outfits to wear to work. Here’s a few I got pictures of…

White turtleneck tee + plaid pants

I wore this one a lot during the winter and paired it with a cardigan sometimes for any extra chilly evenings!

Striped tee + khakis

Super simple OOTD for a lazy short shift…

Lavender polo + pastel yellow pants

Another one of my favorites for colder months even though the colors are better for spring lol even cozier with a sweater!

Black tee + grey skinny slacks

A classic, chic, and again very simple look.

Striped tee + long yellow skirt

Love this skirt for work! Keeps things breezy while still being long enough to stay appropriate (:

Striped tee + long orange skirt

Seeing a pattern (pun intended) with my tops? Since I have a lot of solid bottoms, it’s nice to pair them with stripes! This skirt is almost exactly the same as the previous one. I also popped my new lunchbox in these photos a bit + my fave rain jacket

Fancy top + long yellow skirt

Same skirt, different blouse. I love the layers of this green piece and the embroidery details match the bottom half really well!

Black tee + blue patterned skirt

This skirt is a little more curve-hugging, but still long enough for work wear. I like the pattern on it a lot and the fact that it’s textured adds a little more to a simple outfit…

Orange tee + jeans

Jeans are allowed where I work and that’s what most people wear everyday! I feel a bit weird doing that (idk why), but some days I’m just not feeling like dressing as nice. So I like to wear these jeans my mom gave me and whatever tee isn’t wrinkled lol

Striped blouse + navy slacks

I liked the pairing of these blue shades together and the niceness level of the top matches the dress pants well (:

Green button-up + jeans

Another jeans look I wore recently. I also like the texture of this top a lot even though it’s just a solid green shade (:

BONUS: fave socks

These socks were from Marzia’s subscription box and I love wearing them to work cause they’re really good quality and just quirky enough to keep things fun!

Hope you enjoyed a look through my closet of work clothes/outfits. I have more of a variety now, but some nights I just didn’t feel like taking photos lol you know how it be…

***Please let me know in the comments if some of the photos towards the end of this post didn’t load for you*** I tried re-uploading them twice and they show up fine in the app, but aren’t there when pulled up in a browser. Have a great week! Thanks for reading (:

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