G0ne viral


Since I developed symptoms mid-March that have lessened, then worsened, I’ve been out of work. So I wanted to share what I’ve been up to while taking the precautionary steps of self-isolation…

Health hazard

To get the boring stuff out of the way first, I added some of the doctor info above ^ we used Teladoc & Patient First to help determine the best steps to take, as well as checking in with work on needed time off. In the beginning I was instructed to get tested, but there wasn’t anything available near us…this past weekend I was finally able to reserve a spot to get tested, but we still haven’t heard results yet. It’s definitely possible I had it since my flu test was negative & I was showing signs. The doctor mentioned it could get worse before it gets better which was funny cause just when I thought I was getting better…it got worse. I eventually got an inhaler to at least help my coughing not hurt my chest so much, but I’m doing much better now. Just waiting on answers & not knowing what’ll happen next is kinda stressing me out. Enough of the negative, let’s focus on some of the things I got up to while home…

Keeping busy

Justin took care of me so well since he definitely didn’t get hit with symptoms as bad, he got me outside & for a walk even when I didn’t wanna go…we found a fun Switch game while waiting for Animal Crossing New Horizons’ release (called Aviary Attorney), got some Starbucks (drive-thru), and made sure to stay on top of self-care with a mask (or two) while my skin was dealing with whatever sickness I was going through!


Realized I didn’t take many photos of what we’ve been eating lately, but I guess it’s cause we’ve mostly been ordering in. We tried Instacart like twice, but most stores were super low on stuff we needed anyways. Hopefully we can shop soon!

Inkbox impression

Justin & I tested out some temporary tattoos from Inkbox while in quarantine ^ he got a dinosaur & a whale lol but we really enjoyed them. Def recommend using their timeline as a guideline because the one on my hand faded quicker than the wrist one. I could totally see myself getting the match as a legit tattoo someday, for John 1:5 but maybe slightly different placement? What do y’all think of these?

Bleach beach

Prepping my ends once again for something big coming hopefully soon. My first attempt was yesterday, but I won’t be showing the full process until my notes early next month. You might get a sneak peek in my Ipsy post though, so keep an eye out! These photos are all before I deep-conditioned, so pardon the frazzled ends…

My time has been consumed by Animal Crossing & I’m totally ok with that lol it’s been keeping me sane occupied that’s for sure! Hope you’re all doing well, happy Friday xo

8 thoughts on “G0ne viral

  1. I hope these coming weeks give you some rest and recovery! I am so envious of all the people playing Animal Crossing at the moment. I have the game on my Nintendo DS and phone but the Switch looks super super fun. The inkbox also looks interesting! I remember seeing ads on Insta for it but didn’t think it was this elaborate, haha. The temp tattoo looks amazing!

    Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

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  2. Hello!! Wow it sounds like you really had it rough! It’s crazy how people can have such different symptoms. What were Justin’s symptoms? I hope you guys feel better soon! I love that you always keep your head up and you’re so positive about whatever life deals you. Also shoutout to Justin for taking such good care of you.

    And these inkbox tattoos look so real! I was considering getting them actually but wasn’t sure how they’d come out so what a coincidence haha thanks for the review! And your hair as always looks so thick and luscious just beautiful 😍

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    1. Bless you! We’re both doing much better now, he had a cough & tingling in chest/throat but never a fever or much of the body aches like I dealt with. Definitely lucky not to have it nearly as bad as some others I’ve heard about…so we’re thankful! Thanks so much for your kind words about the tattoos & my hair too. I’m in a constant battle with it haha

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