Applause f0r April


It’s one of those late night, quickdraw kind of posts! Another real random round-up of a few favorites I’ve had recently. I just wanted to share with you all as I always do. Enjoy…

The little things

Perfectly cooked, scrambled eggs for breakfast ^ with fresh spinach & baby tomatoes. So yummy & nutritious to start the day! My mom painted this giraffe for me & the frame goes so well with our home decor that I can’t choose where to display it lol we also picked out a few new pillows to go on our couch (staying in the blue color scheme). This sweatshirt is Julien’s newest merch & omg is it ever so cozy! Affordable as well ❤

The best baby

I wanna do another post with just photos of her soon ^ she’s been a real stinker lately running up & down our hallway randomly, but we still love her to pieces! The cutest (:

Wearing my glasses

I’ve been doing it more often ^ cause I’ve been staying home/staying in (spring allergies suck). I would really love to get a new pair or maybe two if I’m lucky enough to find more than one that I like enough… What do you all think? Do I look better with glasses or contacts? What kind/style should I go for next? Let me know in the comments!

Fabulous app

Literally ^ that’s what it’s called “Fabulous” lol it’s a daily routine planner app that gives you a free trial to start, then it’s only $39.99 per year (prices vary). So far I’ve really been liking it, but I’m also reading Atomic Habits with Justin this month & have been trying to crack down on my own productivity lately…

This look

With these limbal ring contacts ^ I just fell in love with the way these photos turned out! I really liked my silver jewelry that day & how my hair was falling after recently washing it (air-drying it at home). Idk it just all came together: the browns & neutral tones I guess

That’s all I got for you guys on this almost-the-end-of-the-month Tuesday! I hope you’re enjoying the last bits April has to offer & I just thank you so much for reading as always. I hope everyone has a great rest of their week whatever you have planned xo

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