Ipsy f0r March


Happy Friday & welcome to my monthly Ipsy reviews…this month was Ipsy’s 100th Glam Bag although I haven’t had that many by a long shot. I was excited to see what that meant for subscribers, so if you’re interested too…take a look!

The bag itself

A unique design for sure, but it’s been growing on me since I first received my package ^ the teal is such a fresh color for early spring + the studs give it some extra flair. I love the bright zipper and inner lining the most though! They’ve even stamped the back that it’s the 100th bag (:

What I got

This bag came jam-packed…or it was supposed to anyways. Ipsy offered a bonus product in your Glam Bag for free to celebrate the milestone of 100 bags + add-ons started at just $1 (which you know I had to jump on that deal). I chose my 5th product, they gave me the product I would’ve picked for my extra one *yay* and then my add-on didn’t arrive…or the item I had used points to redeem. So I was emailing Ipsy right away to see if they were being shipped separately or what the deal was, but I guess they legit just missed it. I was afraid the other things wouldn’t come until April, but they arrived a few days ago! So let’s get into the products (:

Hanalei Company kukui lip balm in island mint

I’m usually stoked for lip balms, but over the past few months I’ve come to understand the skin around my mouth doesn’t take well to mint anymore for whatever reason…so this was a bit of a let down. I saw that they also had this product available in a fruit scent/flavor in the “See All of March’s Products” section of the app…so extra bummer there that I could’ve received that one & been able to use it! Here’s to hoping down the line my lips will let me use this on them (and it won’t go to waste), but I could just gift it to Justin lol

Luxie 640 Pro Precision Tapered brush in periwinkle & Shaina B Miami blush in Bellini

A duo I wasn’t happy to see on the sneak peek of my Glam Bag for March… I’m sure you’ll be seeing these items again on my blog in a future Ipsy-themed giveaway (:

I wish there was a better way to tell them I don’t use face makeup, so that means I won’t need the brushes either lol maybe they’ll eventually offer a “0-star rating” idk

Pacifica Beauty wild hemp eyeshadows in quartz, dusty, smokey quartz, tiger, and crystal flower

I was intrigued by this when I got it ^ looking forward to testing it out when I’m not feeling so down in the dumps like I have been recently. I used to use little sets like this all the time back in high school! Not sure how brown shades of shadows pair with brown eyes, but keep an eye out for a look with this palette in the future (:

Youth To The People superfood cleanser

This was my pick for this month’s bag ^ I was debating between this or a lavender lotion, but chose this. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this brand & even this product in particular. I’ve used it twice now and really have enjoyed it. It doesn’t strip moisture or even sting your skin when sudsing up…just an overall nice cleanser & the smell is super subtle while it’s on (although it does smell like veggies)!

Grace & Stella lavender body cream

Remember that lotion I almost chose? Ipsy picked it for my extra item! They got one right for once lol but honestly this stuff smells amazing & feels lovely on the skin. I’ve had a few other things from this brand before and they’ve all been fantastic, so no surprise that this stuff is wonderful too (:

Awake lip therapy lip mask & Eva NYC satin dream leave-in cream

The add-on and then redeemed item arrived! So happy to see these tiny beauties in the mailbox the other day (that way this post wasn’t a total flop). I’m really looking forward to trying the hair product as I’ve been making some changes to it lately. The lip mask I’m just praying doesn’t irritate my skin…

The not-so-tried-on try-on

I really wasn’t feeling up to putting on an entire eyeshadow look while in isolation, but testing out the cleanser + lip mask was a nice refresher to my self care routine! I left in the horribly blurry photos I attempted in my bathroom because I honestly didn’t wanna go thru the trouble of retaking them in a different place lol and I might have matched my Inkbox tattoo to my lotion? More on those in another post…

I’m honestly not even sure how to feel about this one, so I’d love to hear what y’all think if you’re willing to leave a comment! Thanks so much for reading & supporting my blog…enjoy your weekend xo

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