Ipsy f0r June


We’re a third of the way through summer already? I need to go to the beach, get a tan, and actually have some fun still! Wish me luck that I can fit everything into July & August lol but anyways…here’s my Ipsy bag, items, and reviews for y’all (:

The bag & the mix

This month’s bag is adorable! I love the yellow & how different all the beach babes look ^ so perfectly fun for summertime. I received a lot of non-makeup items in my June bag, so I do apologize in advance if my final look at the end is underwhelming…

Jumiso have a good cream

Sadly, because my bag came a bit later than expected (thanks covid) and due to my skin deciding to flare up once everything did arrive… I haven’t had the chance to try this yet, but I’m def looking forward to when my skin has calmed down enough to allow a new product its chance. I’ve always wanted to try a face cream with snail cause I’ve heard it’s amazing for your skin (:

INMO velveteen dream shadow in Kween Bee

A pretty basic shimmer shadow in a more gold rose gold shade ^ it’s a lovely touch of shine on my inner corner, but nothing I didn’t have before or really needed more of. Still a smooth formula that was easy to remove, so I’m glad the glitters weren’t scratchy!

Color Club nail polish in Catwalk

Some of you may recognize this brand & exact shade if you read a previous post of mine where I tried a bunch of different nail colors from recent Ipsy bundles. This was one of them. Kind of bummed to receive it again, but I guess my mom will like it lol

Malin + Goetz grapefruit face cleanser

Unfortunately, another product I haven’t had the pleasure of trying out just yet. I tell y’all my face freaks out at the worst times & for no reason, but I know well enough to let it settle down before testing out anything new. This brand is what my boyfriend uses for body wash & he loves it, so again I’m excited for when I can try it!

Sugar Cosmetics matte as hell lip crayon in Stephanie Plum

Ok Ipsy, I see you. This is very much my vibe when it comes to lip color. I wasn’t too happy with receiving a matte product as my lips tend to dry quick on their own, but this one honestly wasn’t that bad. I wore it half the day before feeling like I had to put lip balm over it. Easy enough to apply & just a gorgeous shade ❤

Sur.Medic azulene soothing cream

Now this is what I needed! Prefect timing for my guilty pleasure add-on to arrive. This felt so nice on my angry skin recently, so def a secret weapon whenever it decides to act up again. Thank you Ipsy ^-^

Playa new day mist

Another cheeky add-on since I’ve been quite focused on my hair lately. I haven’t used it everyday, but it’s not really that kind of product anyway. It smells lovely, feels very smooth on the hair, and seems to do what it says it does! Would recommend

The final look

Hello? Did someone say glow-up? I got a keratin treatment on my hair (which took 4 wonderful ladies 3 hours to do), trying contacts for the first time in my life, and overall just feeling so much better about myself than I did when we were in the deepest depths of quarantine. The eyeshadow I used on my inner corners & I guess I should’ve taken a close-up or something cause I feel like you can’t even see it in these photos lol but whatever, the lip is the center of attention here. Such a beautiful berry shade… I love it! Let me know what you think of this month’s Ipsy bag, the products I received, the ones I chose as add-ons, and my final look in the comments ❤

Thanks so much for your support xo

5 thoughts on “Ipsy f0r June

  1. Wait are you saying your skin is flared up now?? It looks AMAZING!?! I literally don’t see any blemishes haha also I think that lip color looks really nice on you! I love that berry color it’s so versatile. I had tried a snail cream before and I loved it. I got it off amazon but it was kind of expensive. It was good for winter though when my skin gets sooo dry. My skin is also really sensitive but the snail cream soothed it somehow. Ahh I really shouldn’t but I might try this Ipsy subscription now haha

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    1. Haha thank you! Actually, in the “final look” pics I had a cc cream on (that’s supposed to be good for your skin & I haven’t had any problems with it so far, so fingers crossed). Good to know about the snail cream, I’ll def give it a try soon. My skin has been a lot better recently ^-^ you should totally try Ipsy https://www.ipsy.com/d9fnc8xv you can sign up here! The bags start at only $12 (that’s the version I get monthly) and sometimes you’ll get products you never would’ve thought to try & brands you didn’t even know were out there (: def lemme know if you decide to give it a go. I’d love to see you post about what you receive! Thanks again for such a lovely comment ❤

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      1. I have yet to find a CC cream that covers up enough that doesn’t cause me to break out! What is the CC cream you used? And I’ll def post if I get Ipsy! Thanks for the referral link!

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