June fav0rites


Happy almost July! This has been quite the month, so I apologize in advance for some underwhelming notes coming this Friday. But today I’ve got a ton of faves to share!

Food & drink

We went out to eat! Got an amazing pizza & cocktail at one of our favorite bars ^ indulging in Starbucks hasn’t ceased yet! We also got some BBQ to-go yesterday, it was so good. Tried a new matcha drink from Wegmans which was surprisingly delicious (will def have to get more)! Panera is always first choice when we’re out running errands & the sweltering heat makes us crave something light/healthy. I tried this Simply Peach juice paired with the best moscato…OMG it was so yummy (:


My mom made a custom nightstand for Justin & we finally had the time to swing by for it a few weeks ago ^ it fits perfectly & he’s been loving not having to leave his stuff on the floor all the time lol I also got my sister a bunch of cute accessories from Target as an early birthday present + picked up a cookbook for my mom as a thank you! She of course had to return the favor again by giving me 2 bags full of random childhood memories…so fun to go through, lots of laughs! Something I’ve been obsessed with this month has been small jewelry businesses. I won a giveaway for these amazing, handmade, sword earrings by MoonTrip Market ❤ and I had to pick up the lock necklace & earring chain from LayeredByLolo after seeing someone review her pieces in a video. I’m adoring everything! Please check them out!

Justin’s faves

Some photos of my handsome man sprinkled in along with a few of his faves from this month as well! Our yard is finally finished, so I’ll have to include pics in a future post (it looks so different, so much better than it used to). Let me know if that’s something y’all are interested in seeing? (:

Selfies, duh

Some snipits of the jewelry I’ve been collecting as of late, a ton of no-makeup days, quitting my job, hair growth, favorite outfit of the entire month, and of course a couple selfie when we were looking fancy

I hope you all enjoyed this look back at June & the things I couldn’t help but fall in love with. I’ll be back this Friday with a notes post that I’m praying won’t be too empty/boring for you guys (let alone myself). Feel free to leave your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions to me in the comments! It means the world to me xo

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