February’s n0tes


Welcome to March, all! Looking back, it seems that I got a ton of smaller stuff done last month that I inserted into previous (or upcoming) posts. So ~ notes aren’t as big & defined as usual, but an accomplished goal is still just that. We must always remember to be proud of the things we get done when we set our minds to them: big or small ❤

Skyrim cooking

When deciding what we wanted to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year ^ we knew we didn’t want to go out, make reservations, do the whole fancy dinner date or event kind of thing. That left us wondering what we could do besides the usual watching Netflix/YouTube/movie…

So we chose to cook at home ~ together! We chose a few recipes from our Skyrim cookbook, shopped for the supplies at Wegmans during the week, and then got to making the appetizer: crab dip (which was a total hit, def the best thing we made). This we both had an equal hand in making & it was as easy as it was fun AND delicious! Then while I attempted the strangest homemade pudding recipe, Justin got to work on the goatherd pie (made with ground beef, no goat meat in sight). The pudding was an epic fail as it never turned the correct consistency in the fridge, but I blame poor instructions in the book for that! It smelled super sweet though, so maybe I can try again another time. The pie was superb, but by the time it was finished, we were both so full from eating crab dip & it was also pretty late in the evening that we didn’t end up eating much of it. If it wasn’t so much prep/work, I would totally have that again. We picked up this Le Dragon wine to try, but unfortunately found out neither of us are fans of Bordeaux lol it didn’t phase us though, it was still a blast to make things together in the kitchen on V-day! I think we chose such a lovely way to celebrate & spend the day with each other. Justin, of course being the perfect man that he is, got me some gorgeous red & yellow roses as well ❤

Bonus: you know I caved to the Lush Valentine’s stuff ^ that Love Boat bath bomb is just too cute & it smells amazing!

Bathroom cabinet

This might not look like much, but this cabinet used to not be attached to the wall ^ and we would have to warn anyone that visited to not lean back when sitting on our toilet cause they could accidentally knock into it. The way the pipes are below & the idiotic placement of the toilet roll holder (which was on the same wall as the toilet & cabinet) made it impossible to push the cabinet itself flush against the wall. So in almost 2 years of living here, we’ve had to be extra careful of not tipping the whole thing over…luckily, one of my goals last month was to finally have someone attach it to the wall! Justin found a contractor to come over & remove the toilet roll holder, re-attach it to the side of our sink cabinet (where it should’ve been in the first place), and then push the big cabinet back in order to drill it into the wall permanently! Yay! For this though, I had to remove everything that I had inside the cabinet. Not a fun task. I did get to re-organize it all when I put it back though & if you know me, you know I love doing that kind of stuff. I’m so happy with something so simple & I think it looks even better than before. Go ahead & lean!

New shed

Yes, we got the old shed that was a take-it-as-is condition of buying our house demolished & removed ^ last month we finally did it! We had already fully customized our Tuff Shed through Home Depot a few weeks (months?) ago, so they were ready to bring it in for us & start assembling it on the property pretty much as soon as the land was cleared. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know I had boxes of stuff queued up to be stored in there! I got even more things together once it was built & we bought some more bins to make organizing a lot more efficient for us. Even carved our initials into the wood ❤

Bonus: Sugoi Mart

You know I had to give y’all something extra this time since my goals were kinda shy for February ^ I delved into the toys/other goodies side of one of my favorite Japanese sites to get these gems for Justin & me! We have only ever bought food, candy, snacks, or drinks from them before…so stuff like this was exciting & a lot of fun!

Extra: online stuff

I always like posting to my stories & I really wanna get into more, but for some reason I never do it as much as I want to ^ does anybody have advice for someone who wants to post more stories? Let me know in the comments if you are always on your stories & have any tips or tricks for me that might keep me on top of my game better (: thanks in advance. We also got an email update about our cow who we sponsor in Tennessee ❤ she is the sweetest with her big, pink nose OMG I wish we could take her home with us! I can’t wait to go visit!!!

That’s all for February’s notes. Now we can say hello to March with fresh eyes, open arms, and new goals! What’re your goals for this month? Do you make weekly goals? Daily? Let me know in the comments (: as always, I love talking to you all! I hope you guys are having a great start to this new month. Thanks so much for reading xo

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