March fav0rites


Third month of the year: done! On to the next! We got so much stuff done this month & I can’t wait to show you more in my notes, but this post is about faves, so let’s jump into what I’ve been loving in March…

Food & drink

Yummy ^ we ate well this month. Even when we were falling behind on making our Hello Fresh meals, we made some very delicious ones! We also had a few meals out, a few ordered in, and even some from the long forgotten cabinet of Japanese goodies I had purchased in February >;)

Warmer weather

Speaking of going out ^ we did get to enjoy some soaring temperatures this month! I got to spread my wings out of my usual sweatshirt of XL & blind passers by with my early-spring paleness lol all worth it…

New outfits

& continuing from that cute corset top, we are graced by the presence of the rest of the sets ^ it has a matching skirt! So beautiful! I liked these so much I got them in 2 colors (:

Steph’s highlight

What’s more stunning than that skirt set? This highlighter ^ Stephanie Toms came out with a highlighter with Ofra called Milk & Cookies! It’s a freaking dream. I swear. It’s the best thing I’ve ever put on my face & I know I don’t really wear too much makeup, but I honestly am in love with this

Mean & green

Keeping the ball rolling with things I’m in love with ^ St. Patrick’s Day? Yes, but no. Justin! My nails! Oscar! In a new sweater (:

Using FaceApp

…to make the hair of all of our dreams ^ to add bangs, beards, billows of curls or just changing the color to see what would look good for next time I wanna dye it heh heh

Playing w/ FaceApp

…to create actual Sims that don’t resemble the people in the original photo whatsoever ^ I like to call that middle edit “Barbie me”

The Ferrari

It’s in the shop right now ^ being painted! But Justin got me another car (that I have yet to drive bc I despise driving). But he has driven me & his brother around in it & it’s actually so cool. We all really love it! I can’t wait to see how much different it looks in the new color AND show you guys so soon!

That’s a wrap

Those were my favorites for this past month ^ I hope you all enjoyed a look back at what I loved the past few weeks! I’m very excited to talk about my notes next post cause it’s a lot to do with the wedding/planning & that’s been my life lately, so stay tuned for that one. Thanks for reading xo

6 thoughts on “March fav0rites

      1. Thank you so much! That means the world cause I honestly love taking photos (‘: and I’m so glad he likes wearing clothes haha cause I adore dressing him up ~ that sweater is from Little Beast (forgot to mention it in the post, but you probably saw on Instagram already)

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