Ipsy f0r April


Unfortunately, my bag came a little late in the month to actually try anything in it. I just took these photos yesterday actually lol but I still wanted to share what I got for April (plus add-ons & points redemption)!

The bag & the mix

Not a huge fan of the color combo on this month’s bag ^ but the funky shapes of the design looks very coral-ish or at least reminds me of beachy/ocean vibes. I do really enjoy the lip zipper pull! Probably one of the worst groups of products I’ve ever received in an Ipsy ~ I’ll explain why…

Beau Gâchis concealer perfecting brush

Definitely one of the only good things I got in April’s bag ^ brushes are always nice to receive cause I’m lazy & hate washing them. Anyone else with me on that note? (:

Glow On 5th smooth as silk hand + body scrub

This was a surprise to see in my bag as I never get hand lotions or any kind of body products ^ it’s not something I see myself using a lot, but maybe I could try it on my feet for an at-home pedicure sometime . . .

Grace & Stella Dead Sea mud mask

This is something I’ve received before, I think in Ipsy actually ^ probably one of my very first bags! I really like it as a mask (:

Nomad Cosmetics Tuscany eyeshadow in aperitivo

Thank you, Ipsy for another one of the smallest eyeshadows in the same shade you always send me ^ shimmery rose gold!

Tatcha the water cream

This was the product that I chose to be in my bag this month ^ I’m very excited to try it out! I’ve heard so many good things about this stuff & this brand in general ❤

Lauren Conrad Beauty the lipstick in shell

Add-on #1 is one I’m definitely excited to try. This color looks so pretty & I’ve never tried any products from Lauren’s line yet!

Babe Lash essential serum

Add-on #2 is a lash serum ^ I wear falsies quite a bit, so I figured this would be a nice way to rejuvenate my natural lashes. If you’ve ever used this particular one, let me know in the comments how you liked it (:

The Iceland papaya + peach sheet mask duo

Free gifts ^ I got these masks for free because I added on the previous two items! I’m excited it came as a two-pack so Justin & I can use them together. That’s always something fun to do at the end of the day (:

Onekind dream cream nighttime moisturizer

I redeemed my points for this item ^ which is the full size version of what I had received as a mini/sample in a previous Ipsy bag. This stuff is fantastic for your nighttime skincare routine! I’m so glad that I could get it for free because of my points!

Sometimes when the bag itself doesn’t come with the best mix, ya gotta add what you want yourself! I hope you like what I picked & enjoyed a look at all of it today (:

I’ll be back here Friday with my faves xo

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