0pen f0r bizniz


Part 3 of these store posts! I hope you guys don’t mind this little look into what we’ve been working on in our busy lives day-to-day. I enjoy sharing the photos with you (:

The night before

We set up the final products on the shelves before opening day ^ I love all the Ferrari’s!


We’re open! First day of sales went super well & we had so many familiar faces show up to support us (along with new ones too).


This was all just to start ^ so now that we’ve been up & running for a few weeks, there’s a lot more stock on the shelves (& a lot more shelves on the walls)! But here’s what we had available for customers on opening day!

Sorry, we’re closed

A very successful first day! Def tons of fun (:

The lounge

It’s evolution ^ from really barely anything in it, to almost fully finished! Justin let me design basically everything that’s gone into this room. There’s also a few magazines/books on the coffee table now. We’re also gonna hang up a small mirror & coat hooks soon. I think those will tie it all together ❤

I hope you got some joy out of these photos today ~ that’s always my aim with my posts. Enjoy the rest of your week & please do join me back here on Friday for another one xo

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