H0neym00n: part 1


We got married on a Friday, so Saturday morning after we had checked out of the venue & I got my hair done again…we were on the road to Tennessee! It ended up being around a 10-hour drive to our AirBnB with stops along the way for gas, food, bathroom breaks. This was definitely the longest ride of the whole trip. Justin let me take over for maybe a half hour during the entire week lol

Hello TN

Sunday morning, we woke up to a beautiful view out the huge cabin windows ^ had our coffee/tea & got ready for a very exciting day

Ready to meet her

We visited The Gentle Barn’s Christiana location to meet the cow we’ve been sponsoring for a year now: Destiny! Enjoy the photos we got of her & all the other animals we made friends with that day…

Little miss moody

Unfortunately, she didn’t care to be touched the day that we went to see her ^ but we had such a wonderful time there that I know we’ll go back again & again, so we’ll eventually catch her on a good day ❤ it was just so nice to sit with her while the handler lady brushed her & she made these weird purring/burping sounds. Cows are funny…

Da big boys

We did get up close & personal with some other cows who were very sweet ^ I got to brush one of the horses: Chris & we have belly rubs to the biggest pigs we’ve ever seen! They weighed as much as the cows!

…and the lil ones

The little goat family (papa, mama, and Lollie rollin’ around) ^ both Justin & I feel in love with the chickens Girlfriend & Coal who we are now sponsoring for this upcoming year. The turkeys at this location aren’t trusting of humans yet, so they kept their distance…but we still got to see how cute they were in their hut together! Adorable (:

Lunch & merch

You know we got the goods before we left ^ some stuff for ourselves & a whole lot to bring home for sharing with our loved ones!


Justin got BBQ & I opted for a make-your-own pizza that night ^ we just brought it all back to our AirBnB to dig in, then hit the hay. Check out was at 11am the next morning. Stick around for my next post if you wanna follow along with the rest of our travels…

Thanks so much for reading & supporting my blog! Hope y’all have a great week xo

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