M0re fr0m Prequel


I got a bit carried away the other day with editing photos in the Prequel app that I’ve mentioned previously here on my blog. I’d like to share what I created with you all…

The magazine covers

I think this is such a cool effect ^ and it was super customizable, but I just left them with the standard text (cause I wasn’t feeling that creative) lol what do you think of these? (:


These are definitely over the top ^ but still right up my alley as far as general vibes go!

Engagement throwback

Loved editing these photos with the effects ^ cause I just love these photos already, but I feel it breathes new life into them. What’s your opinion on them? Do you prefer OG?

Wedding rework

Used more effects on our wedding photos too ^ even a few spooky ones…absolutely adore the way the Polaroids look so realistic

One photo, many edits

I love this selfie, but I wanted to find the best effect to fit in with the already occurring rainbow that was coming through the window when I took the photo ^ which is your favorite? Or have I not found it yet? (:

More recent

I’m excited to use some of the effects I’ve deemed “the best ones” ^ on newer photos I take when I get my hair cut again & even after that colored differently again soon. Hopefully early in July! Guess what I’m getting done in the comments- I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and opinions!!!

Thanks for joining me today & supporting my blog each & every week. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend xo


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