Easter trip


This Easter I traveled, with my boyfriend, to PA to visit with some of my dad’s side of the family. My dad had to work the whole weekend, unfortunately, so he couldn’t come with us. One of my sisters was moving, so only my other sister could make the trip with us. Pictured above from sort of left to right is my uncle, aunt, my cousin and her two daughters, my other cousin and his daughter, my grandparents, my oldest sister in the back, another cousin, and then me and my boyfriend. Here’s what we did while we were in Uniontown!

The trip from VA to PA was beautiful! It took us through West Virginia a little and some of Maryland. Derby (the bear) joined us on this journey. Special thanks to my handsome boyfriend for doing all the driving cause I have driving anxiety and my car definitely wouldn’t have made it up and over the many mountains. 

We arrived around dinner time and cooked hotdogs over the fire. I don’t like them, but it was fun watching everyone burn theirs black. This was the first time my boyfriend had been to my grandparents (on my dad’s side) house and met them. Very exciting! We also made s’mores a little later, this time in the microwave because the fire was out. My grandma accidentally bought the Hershey’s bars with almonds and kept apologizing. It was okay cause those are my boyfriend’s and one of my cousins favorite kind. 

That night we checked into our hotel which was gorgeous! We stayed at the Comfort Suites by Choice and even signed up for their rewards program since we want to do more traveling and would definitely book with them again. We didn’t do much else that night but crash cause we were so tired from the whole day of driving. 

The next day, we went for a walk around my grandparents neighborhood with my sister and cousin. We caught some Pokémon, but none that were TOO exciting. More family arrived around lunch time, and we played hide and seek in the house with my younger cousins. My boyfriend hid and me and the girls searched FOREVER for him (he had to texts me hints til we finally found him).

We also went out into Uniontown to walk around and just explore. We saw some pretty buildings and neat art/statues. A lot of places were closed because it was Easter weekend, but it was a perfect day weather-wise for just strolling the streets. Here’s some pictures we took of each other… 

We went into a glorious dress/gown store to just look around. We also got my grandma some cute little African violets in a basket from a flower shop (my boyfriend’s idea, he’s so sweet). The employees there recommended we check out their sister store which was more home decor and other cool things. We walked there and found some great local jarred goods. He bought a buffalo-bleu cheese dip and I got a jalapeño pineapple sort of salsa to bring home to my dad. We came back to the house and sat with everyone having dinner and gave grandma her flowers. She loved them, but warned us that she might not be able to keep them alive for too long since she has a black thumb. We hung out for a while before heading back to the hotel to sleep. Being out in the sun all day really wore us out.

Easter morning! We got all dressed up and ready to go and headed to the house. Everyone was just getting up and having breakfast. We spent some time relaxing there with the family before going to grab some lunch. 

We found this amazing Pan-Asian (Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food) place and got some delicious meals! We brought the leftovers back to the hotel (practically across the street) and took some selfies in our Sunday best…

We went back to the house then and just talked to family more about what’s going on with us and them. It was a very chill time away, a great break from the busy work weeks we’ve been having lately. Babe worked on his business some while we waited for dinner.

Easter dinner was ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and salad! I had the latter two cause I don’t eat anything pig (not a religious thing, I just don’t like the taste). We finally got everyone together for the group picture at the top of this post and my boyfriend and I got changed into our comfier clothes to hang out for the rest of the evening. 

Got a little nighttime workout in before heading up to bed- our last night in the lovely room. We loved our stay and can’t wait to go on more trips together this year and stay at Choice hotels! 

We got all packed up and checked out of the hotel by 11 the next morning and went back to the house one last time to say our final goodbyes to my grandma and grandpa. She tried to give us stuff, like she always does but we managed to leave without anything extra. We drove for a while before stopping at Denny’s for lunch. It was so yummy and they even had my go to order with the choice of a gluten-free English muffin! So good (: 

Next stop was this huge gap in the mountains at a Maryland welcome center. We got out and walked up the steps and across the bridge that was over the highway and we went up the opposite side. It was so high up and so beautiful- we were blessed with another good weather day. Then back in the car to head home. 

We arrived home around dinner time and finally got to see the doggies again! China is the min-pin and Cuba is the pug. Peep those pink Yeezy’s! My boyfriend was very excited to go shoot his new gun, so here’s a bunch of pictures of us goofing off with that… 

His little brother got home sometime after us and I got these great shots ^ of them together. “It’s just two brothers.” If anyone gets that reference lol 

We had such a fun time traveling, being with family, and seeing the sights! This was our second Easter together (spent last year with his family). We’re so happy to be back home though, it’s back to the grind and working to move in together this summer. Sorry this post was so late, but it took a lot of editing and time to get it all straight. Hope you enjoyed our PA trip! 

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