Ipsy f0r January


While Ipsy wants to brand their first bag of 2020 as the “clean slate” it seemed closer to deja vu to me…with products in the same colors & shades I always receive from them. Not to complain because they are definitely ones I like, that typically work on me & get a high rating from me on the app. But one of the goals I have this year is to try new things, so I’m crossing my fingers that February’s bag has something vastly different in store for me! But more on this month’s bag…

The bag itself

I adore this bag! The texture has like a soft, faux leather feel & of course the marble pattern with the pink zipper is so chic. I’m also a big fan of the Ipsy logo stitched on the inside & I hope they continue that design in future bags. I think with the products I typically receive, they could probably afford to send me a smaller bag lol anyways, I really like this one! 5/5

Araceli Beauty ojos perfectos liquid eyeliner in night/noche

I chose this as 1 of my 5 products this month cause I’m always on the hunt for the best liquid liner. This one had really great pigment, it was a very rich/deep black. The handle (or pen itself) is a standard length which makes it easy to hold & use. It was a little smeary when I was cleaning up the lines of my wings, but other than that it glides on nicely, stayed on & in place all day. I loved that it was easy enough to remove & didn’t give me raccoon eyes the following morning! 5/5

Luxie Beauty 560 medium fan flawless brush

Not much to say about this one. I don’t wear face makeup, so I have zero use for this & unfortunately, it isn’t the first fan brush I’ve received from Ipsy… 1/5

Glow Recipe blueberry bounce gentle cleanser

This was so nice to get in my bag! I love trying new cleansers & I was glad to see this was a gentle one as I’m still using my Rx skincare. I really enjoyed the smell of this, the blueberry scent is super sweet but not overpowering. The feel while washing is slightly draggy cause it doesn’t suds up too well, but my face felt squeaky clean after rinsing. I wish the sample was a bit larger so I could see how well it worked over time, but I’ll only be able to get maybe a week’s worth of cleansing once a day out of this tube if that (it’s only about half full). My mouth had a minimal reaction to this since my perioral dermatitis is very persistent, so my lips are quite sensitive… 3/5

RealHer eyeshadow in victorious

Here’s another deja vu moment, this rose gold shade of eyeshadow. I’ve definitely received similar eyeshadows in my Ipsy multiple times before. Not to say I don’t like it cause it’s honestly a great color- subtle with a nice shine to it. I applied it with my finger easily to the inner corners, the inner half of my lids, and a bit into the creases. It wore well all day & I didn’t see any sparkles falling down onto my cheeks. This came off easily with a few swipes of a makeup remover wipe, didn’t notice any scratchiness from the shimmers in it. 2/5

Finding Ferdinand lipstick in very berry

One more berry shade to add to my collection from Ipsy bags! I honestly sound like I’m mad about it, but berry is a color that looks great on everyone cause it makes your teeth look whiter lol and this one in particular isn’t too bright, so I like that even more. It is the tiniest lip product I’ve ever seen though- like it legit looks like it was made for Barbies, but despite the size, it was quite easy to apply. I went for a more blotted lip look instead of the normal full-coverage I usually go for & I really enjoyed the change up! This formula wore well all day with only 1 re-application after eating & re-applying my lip balm. I was also very happy that this didn’t dry out my lips. 2/5

The final look

A basic, expected look. I enjoyed putting this look together as it’s something I’m super comfortable with, so this bag was definitely more of a winner than some in the past, but I’m definitely hoping I’ll receive some different shades/colors in the coming months so I can be pushed out of my comfort zone in terms of makeup! Let me know what your thoughts on January’s bag & the products inside in the comments below (: thanks so much for reading xo

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