Christmas in July…0r?


More like Halloween in August ❤ let’s go!

Pumpkin carving inspo

We took our first trip (of this year) to Spirit recently ^ immediately seeing these kits for pumpkin carving when we walked in. I love skeletons & thought both of these were super creative ideas for us to do this season! Do you prefer painting or carving your pumpkins for Halloween? Or do you usually like to leave them as they are so they can be left out as long as possible for all of autumn? Let me know in the comments ~ let’s chat (:

Witchy window decor

I don’t know what it is, but Justin & I adore decorating with window clings for different holidays/seasons ^ they’re very inexpensive & easy to use, simple to store, etc. These were the ones that we got from Spirit this time, but I’m sure we’ll buy some at Target & Michael’s too whenever they put them out!

New & (hopefully) improved

We had gargoyle lights along the front curb last year, but they were pretty poor quality as far as the stakes & broke off when I pushed them into the dirt. These ^ look to have much better designed stakes & are hanging lanterns that we’re planning to put up along the side of our driveway which will look really cool ~ spooky AF of course too ~

Ghosts with the most

A few ghostie bits of fun we picked up ^ cute

Freaky film fun

One of my favorite movies to watch during the spooky season ^ so you know I had to grab a few merch bobbles while in Spirit ❤

Another one

Definitely another all time fave ^ love the unique shape of this glass! Justin thought of using it as a candle holder -but the bottom is a triangle shape- so that could pose an issue. There was a larger version of this sign, but I’m happy I found the smaller one cause it was 1.) more affordable & 2.) has a tabletop option on the back! What’s your fave movie to watch around Halloween each year? Tell!

That’s all we got for this first haul, but I’m sure we’ll go back & we’ll 100% go to other stores to shop for more Halloween decor (even though we already have plenty stored away in the shed, but I won’t tell if you don’t)

Thank you so much for reading & supporting my blog! I look forward to sharing my Ipsy bag/items with you all this coming Friday xo

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