Fluffy fall vibes


This new format for creating posts is the bane of my existence as far as blogging is concerned, but here goes: pet photos time!

Oskie woskie

My stinky little man got his first Halloween outfit of the season ^ a Jack-o-Lantern dress! We also found a blanket that has cats on it that look just like him. Adorable! When he’s laying on it? Even more so. Such a cutie ❤

Frog babiss

Still our fat & happy, Misery! We’ve been too busy to get her a new friend just yet, but I’m hoping after the wedding/when everything settles down a bit. She’ll get her company (:


Sweet, heart-eyes babies waiting to be adopted ^ one obviously a little more grown up than the fresh kitten. Both so precious!

Our rescue

Destiny ^-^ we can finally, officially book our visit to the Gentle Barn in Tennessee once October rolls around. That’s apparently when their November calendar will be open. I’m so excited to go meet her & hug her ❤

Those are all the animal friends I got photos of last month. I hope they made you smile today! Thank you so much for reading my blog & have a good rest of your week xo

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